We’re often asked: What is more important when choosing a financial distress consultant: extensive knowledge of an industry or extensive expertise in restructuring and turning around companies? 

At EHI, we know that managing a crisis is far more important than having business experience in a specific industry. What counts is making an accurate assessment, establishing the right priorities and taking quick, decisive action. 

In addition, we offer a unique perspective and knowledge of financial crises, because of our extensive experience working with debtors, creditors and courts. We know the players involved, what their goals are from the outset, and how far they can bend to make the best deal for our client. This saves valuable time, money and resources and eliminates the chance of a stalemate or prolonged negotiations. 

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EHI’s dual role as a turnaround consultant and asset recovery expert sets us apart from other firms. Our considerable experience in negotiating with financial institutions and with federal and state taxing authorities benefits our clients. We were retained as a financial consultant in workouts by creditor committees in Chapter 11 bankruptcy, turnarounds and liquidations. 


Trustees, creditors, committees and attorneys frequently acknowledge EHI’s credibility and integrity. Objective and able to work with different vested interests in a crisis, our team excels at motivating people. This is especially helpful in eliciting the support of employees and mid-level management to resolve operational or morale issues. 


Please contact us for references. We’re happy to provide them so you can research our expertise, credibility and integrity yourself before selecting a consultant.