Companies facing financial challenges need guidance to resolve them. We might be asked to do a liquidation analysis and realize that the company can be turned around. At EHI, we tailor our services to best serve each client.


 We enter every assignment with three vital principles in mind: 

  • Commit all necessary resources to the assignment 
  • Act decisively
  • Resolve the situation quickly 
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Our focus on addressing the situation expediently allows EHI to maximize the recovery or restore a business to health while minimizing the costs to the client. We’re laser-focused on the client’s bottom line. Depend on it.


As a client, you want to know whether the crisis can be resolved and how quickly. We’ll assess your financial situation, determine the best direction, and develop a plan to guide you as you move forward. We’ll be both realistic and frank in our appraisal.

Creditors want assurance that any assets posted as collateral will be protected, or their value preserved or recovered. Business owners and managers want an honest assessment of their organization’s ability to survive, as well as a solid strategy to move toward profitability. If that’s not likely, they want to know best to close or sell the business. 


Quite simply, EHI has the savvy to determine what is doable and what is not – within the context of the troubled company’s operational realities and objectives. 

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