“EHI associates know what needs to be done and they go out and do it.”

— Teresa Pearson of law firm Miller Nash Graham & Dunn, Portland

“The people at EHI have more knowledge and experience than others in their field.”

“EHI associates have the knowledge and skill set to provide solid advice to clients.”

“Whenever I have a potential client or an existing client that I think would benefit from a financial advisor or a turnaround manager, EHI is always at the top of the list.”

— David Foraker of law firm Miller Nash Graham & Dunn, Portland

“Having EHI in a case is like hitting the trifecta: quality expertise and advice on a wide range of business solutions, guaranteed integrity and transparency in the process, and the best possible results.”

— Pamela Webster of law firm Buchalter, Los Angeles

“It comes down to intelligence, judgment, decisiveness and practicality. EHI has extensive experience in all kinds of distressed business situations with companies in multiple different industries and multiple different markets.”

“EHI professionals have a very practical and effective way of analyzing and understanding the issues involved in whatever companies they’re advising.”

— Albert Kennedy of law firm Tonkon Torp, Portland