Sound navigation through troubled times


“EHI professionals have a very practical and effective way of analyzing and understanding the issues involved in whatever companies they’re advising.”

— Albert Kennedy of law firm Tonkon Torp, Portland

“Having EHI in a case is like hitting the trifecta: quality expertise and advice on a wide range of business solutions, guaranteed integrity and transparency in the process, and the best possible results.”

— Pamela Webster of law firm Buchalter, Los Angeles

When companies face financial challenges and need both an honest assessment and a strategy that’s best for the business, they can count on EHI.

EHI’s experienced executives are experts in business strategy, finance and organizational management. We have a deep understanding of debtors, creditors and the courts, giving us insight into the goals of each side and how flexible they can be.

Our knowledge – developed through our long history of negotiating with financial institutions and with federal and state taxing authorities – enables us to provide an unparalleled level of service for our clients. Doing work both as a turnaround consultant and asset recovery expert further sets us apart.


We tailor our work to the specific challenges of each company, lender or financial institution, providing a straightforward and realistic assessment. When it’s possible to keep the business going, we work toward that with a solid strategy to move toward profitability. If that is unlikely, we provide our clients with the best plan for closing, selling or liquidating the business. We don’t enter the process with an expected outcome, but look to each client’s specific circumstances to direct our approach.

During more than 25 years managing reorganizations, workouts, orderly closures and serving as a receiver, we have worked under three guiding principles that continue to define us today. Act decisively. Resolve the situation quickly. Commit all necessary resources to the assignment.

EHI offers you a solid, thoroughly considered plan that will minimize your costs, maximize your recovery and enable you to move forward.


Experience provides a valuable foundation for resolving complex financial situations – and our team has an abundance of it.

EHI’s executives specialize in business strategy, finance and organizational management. They also are skilled at mediating and bringing to swift resolution the differences between interested parties, including creditors’ committees, boards of directors, management teams and shareholders – always with continued focus on the primary goal: the needs of the client.

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The businesses and lenders who have engaged our services have found EHI to be discerning, client-focused and effective. More detailed case studies are available on our website. Clients we’ve served include:

C&K Market (Ray’s Foods): Multistate retail grocery chain hired EHI as CRO to downsize operations during Chapter 11. Out in 10 months.

Charleston Aluminum: Engaged by the senior secured lender to monetize the lender’s collateral, including oversight of selling on-hand remaining inventory.

Warm Springs Forest Product Industries: Appointed in tribal court as a receiver to liquidate the remaining on-hand inventory and equipment, including operating the planer to complete work-in-progress inventory.


  • Epic Productions
  • Flying O
  • Harriet & Henderson Yarns
  • Lakewood Engineering
  • Leo Gentry Wholesale Nursery
  • Lodestar Energy Inc.
  • LR Nelson
  • Lumber Products
  • Magnesium Corp.
  • McGraw Group
  • MD Helicopters
  • NationsWay
  • New River
  • North Pacific Group
  • Oregon Potato Company
  • Pope & Talbot
  • Portland Meadows
  • R.A. Rasmussen & Sons, Inc.
  • Service Steel
  • Silver Screen Cinemas
  • Smart Paper
  • Sprouse-Reitz
  • Stanton Industries
  • Summit Timber Co.
  • Tollycraft
  • Tom Peterson
  • West State
  • Willamette Western
  • Zapata Industries, Inc.


  • Bank of America Business Capital
  • CIT
  • Northwest Farm Credit Services
  • Sun Capital Partners
  • U.S. Bank
  • Warm Springs Tribe
  • Wells Fargo Capital Finance